Friday, July 9, 2010

My Color Palette

Every song means something different to every ear, be it the music, lyrics or the essence of it. As for me, I try to suit it according to the situation I'm placed in. One song that I wasn't able to figure out for a long time was one of my favorites.. Don't know why - Norah Jones

I enjoyed exploring sexual innuendos present in this song for fun. But that right interpretation never struck me until today. The reason a person won't share the colors of her palette with you isn't because those colors are too precious to be shared.. at times the hand holding that palette is too weak and need more support then that palette does.

This blog is to remind myself that I know why Norah failed to understand why she didn't join the house of fun, also how it's to feel empty as a drum.

But feelings are transient like time, they pass away and memories fade with them..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

the lost connection

What are dreams made of?

Maybe they are little pieces of time that every person collects as their memories and when we close our eyes we open up the information highway and each soul sells its stories through Morpheus' fair. It is like the black market on an unconscious level.

And each night when we dream the Reverie Reaper collects just a tiny piece of those recollections. Now, isn't it strange that we get old and as we do we forget things. All these stories slipping away while we sleep.

If only I could capture them and go through it again, maybe just once more.


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