Wednesday, October 26, 2011

wreck of the day

writing after a long time... I will take my pauses, I will not use punctuation marks correctly, I will try to summarize last seventy days  of my life in two paras.. how ironic would that be.

So I'm sitting on a rock in the middle of nowhere trying to figure out why am I here in the first place. Maybe I know the answer, maybe not. Maybe I just don't want answers anymore, maybe I'm finding this confusion, this chaos intoxicating.. getting addicted to it day by day. It just doesn't stop; everyday is throwing its  newness on me. For those who talk about routine and monotonous life should live mine for some days. Nah it's not exciting at all, it's just one ol' life.. but then what was the point I was trying to make... :/

One life full of adjectives. Take your pick, I'm sure any and every will find a place in there, in my oh so eventful life. I can not feel the days passing by, all I do know is seasons have come and gone .. and left this unforgettable imprint on my mind... Am I even sure that I won't forget? But it's hard not to, I guess therein lies the tragedy. 

Why am I finding it so difficult... because it wasn't the part of the plan? Funny thing 'bout that, I never did plan. I just took it for granted and see where it lead to. Well start planning Pri otherwise you will end up sitting on this rock for a long time... and it's cold & hard like your life right now.

Man, Jagjit Singh can really make you sad, like uber fricking sad, before you know it heaviness would settle in and you would be grappling with the void in your life. So moral of the rant: Don't listen to him while siting alone on a damn rock :|


  1. you call yourself Pri? :P cute actually,
    now you should have named it "searching for the in situ" ,if only we could control the state of mind,life would have been so much easier but yea, things eventually have to fall in place to complete the jig-saw puzzle ,its just that some people are able to spot the right pieces in a flutter and others require a little more time.

  2. What about those who are left clueless even with all the time in the world :/



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