Wednesday, June 8, 2011

cyanide and happiness


Playing WoW on laptop sucks, what sucks even more is waiting 10Gb to download on your desktop. I'm still discovering what is better- being a human warlock or an elven druid..

I've a feeling my eyesight has got far worse than it was before..  my first sign was when I banged my head on a glass door and no I wasn't drunk or high.. it might have been accidental the first time, but by the third I knew I couldn't see the glass or the door - and funny thing, all three times I was with the same friend, who laughed his ass off two times but on the third, he was shocked as :P

Home Alone for two weeks, I would've been ecstatic about it but boy what a time to catch the frickin Viral T_T I've got a half-glass, no it's neither empty nor full - it's just plain ol' half glass. I've to start preparing for Jamia entrance and DU entrance but I think I'd skip that as I've no inclination to study. I will read a lot but I'll not study >.<

I've also decided to watch a movie a day, well for atleast a week - that way I won't spend all day gaming :/

Yesterday I saw Volver(2006) - that's directed by Pedro Almodóvar.. The only other Spanish movie I've seen and enjoyed watching it was Pan's Labyrinth .. Anyways coming back to the movie, I think even though it's plot was weak, the major strength of the movie comes from the characters itself. Penelope Cruz  is the sole force of this movie and Blanca Potillo though I still doubt she's a woman, is an incredible actress.  .

At many times I felt it was an awkward screenplay as the incest angle did seem a bit forced. Pain was portrayed in a very subtle way - that is something I loved - be it in Cruz's song or her daughter's long breaths. But the characters seems at ease with each other and that made this movie an good watch (: I'll watch more movies by this director and know his style. maybe the awkward screenplay was intentionally meant to be that way.

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