Saturday, May 21, 2011

sigur rós

and some rain = ♥ (:

I miss Facebook during days like these.. I'm pretty sure there would have been atleast 20 status updates welcoming the rain at this time of the year.. Because I can't do that anymore, I would add my two cents on it here.

It's hard not to love rain you know, unless you're living in Mumbai :/ The obvious reasons include the murky smell that makes rain so delicious and watching raindrops slide through your windowpane, each competing with the other, some stopping midway, some not even trying. But the best part is those random memories that comes to your mind.

It's like being the part of both - the timeless and the temporal - and before you know it, Papa Roach's Last Resort will make it all go.. just like that. In last few years, I've changed quite a number of ringtones but I end up with this one, almost all the time. I think the few days I did attend college was because of it.

It's still raining.. I know it's not gonna last forever but boy do I cherish it! (:




  1. i love this:) so true i love the rain it brings back nostalgia!
    oh and for some reason my ringtone always goes back to Lets Get it On by Marvin Gaye haha



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