Monday, May 23, 2011

Sixpence None The Richer

Two days before my next exam. It just doesn’t get out of my head.. not that it is supposed to :/  but you know it’s like being stalked by a thought. 

 For instance, I decide to watch an episode of Seinfeld, I am laughing, having a good time and there it strikes back again, that tinge of guilt making its presence felt.. nothing Kramer can do will make me return to my earlier self.  Wicked exams, seriously.

While reading Mrs. Dalloway a thought came to my mind, there was this one sentence common in our Farewell speech, if you remember

“ I know I’ve not been a good student...”
(as if they didn’t know that already :/)

But it felt nice, you know, like an admission to our guilt... I know, we were doing it more for ourselves then them. In that confession, we were seeking our own catharsis..  for lack of a better word..  oh it did happen alright.. the tears, I remember it all.. and why I remembered it, I still don’t know. 

What I do know is I abhor Mario, either of the two reasons is plausible
  1. it is a stupid game 
  2. it makes me feel stupid

It’s like everyone can make that little freak jump over stupid colliding bricks except me, and those flying fucking tortoises, what’s the deal with that?

I stopped playing WoW a month before these exams so that I could concentrate on something more important and look at the sorry state of me, playing Mario two days before my exam, ah for shame!

I’m going to regret it very soon, like within a week soon, but I’m not gonna stop it because that freak someday will take me to his taller- than-him freak princess. Either that will happen or June 1st will come and I’ll buy me a month subscription for WoW and become an Elf Druid again duelling with warlords.

Oh I know right, the band’s name is so epic! (: 


  1. loved reading this...i feel the same way about exams!!it is better if get over sooner..and i quite loved playing mario..was addicted!

  2. I hope they get over soon!

    Thanks (:



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