Sunday, May 8, 2011

when the dream dies

... how does it feel before you know you can't anymore.. either dream or feel again.. well the smarter ones go ahead in search of a new dream that will fill up the void, which makes its presence feel every moment of their lives.. the sentimentalists, not the kind Pamuk defines ofcourse but the ones in the pure sense of the word, they write a dejection ode.. read Coleridge, obviously.

" I see them all so excellently fair
I see not feel, how beautiful they are "

now I've started to get that weird feeling when every alternate moment the same thought strikes your chaotic head -- I haven't studied anything :|
3 weeks - 6 exams = FML. srsly.

well I'm pretty sure Coleridge would've joined Nelly in this song had he been alive

I want to

Pull away when the dream dies
Pain sets in and I don't cry
I only feel gravity and I wonder why
Written by Nelly Furtado

as for me, I'm hoping all good things come to an end real soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed reading them (:

  2. Thanks for your kind comment as well :)

  3. Is it possible to know that you wont dream again? I've never felt like that. But its the human condition to aspire to something, as ethereal as it might be...(or you could go Coleridge's way and spend your whole life actually dreaming.)

  4. Is it possible to know that you wont dream again?

    It is, I think. the same dream, once broken like shards of the mirror.. how do you bring them back, how do you bring it back? It's never the same.

    that's why you find an alternative.. some do. some tread the same path as Coleridge (:



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