Friday, May 13, 2011

what doesn't kill you

... makes you bitter :/  
8:00 am - Dad dropped me at college..met Sid.. discussed our JNU centre and how lucky I'm comparatively.. saw a tree in full bloom and heard a nightingale sing.. searched for her, couldn't find so got back with last minute prep..

8:45 am - Got to know will be giving the exam at the damn library (it's a universal truth we've got an ass for a principal) - first disappointment of the day

9:00 am - Exam doesn't start, professors are too busy to invigilate, I guess...

9:15 am - After a long wait, got my answer sheet, had a query regarding the paper code.. so I ask the unknown moron who handed out the sheets if he had any clue.. but his blank expression gave his little secret away.. He was as dumb as he looked and I really, really mean to be offensive. I asked him if he could confirm it with another professor and somehow it hurt his male-ego?

For half an hour this fucking moron keeps repeating the same thing - I'M THE PROFESSOR, while my answer sheet is in his hands..

9:45 am -
Him: I'm the professor, do as I say.
Me: Psycho, Bastard.
It's quite unusual for me to say those two words together.. I swear a lot but Bastard was never a part of my dictionary.. I did surprise myself but it was definitely too less of an abuse for too much of a moron.

10:00 am -
Downstairs back to main library I start with my paper while two lady professors gossip next to me.. The person who doesn't finishes a paper in 3 hours time, does it today in 1 hour 55 minutes, after which I contemplate on the absurdity of human behaviour, luck and life.

I feel sorry for the examiner who will bear the burden to check the crap I've written. Honestly, with the bottom of my heart, I really feel that.

I am writing this post to remind myself that today I felt the regret, enormous regret for the decision I made.. not to migrate from this hell of a college when I had the chance to.. Never listen to your heart, be selfish - lesson for life.. learnt today.


5:17 am - Walking on the deserted road with wind for my companion, I felt at ease again.. this world is full of morons someday or another, you'll bump into one and they'll create hell for you.. but it won't last long and if you do survive, you'll be there to see the new day, blowin' in the wind as Bob says..

3 weeks - 5 exams :/



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