Friday, May 20, 2011

Soy Un Perdedor

This is the only song by Beck that I like.. dude is definitely an epic loser

A week gone, with it my chances of getting into JNU are also gone. Its a funny thing though..when I used to sit for my PMT entrance exam even though I used to fuck it up real bad, I always had this hope inside me that maybe by sheer luck/chance something will happen and save my ass. Even when I gave the AIIMS entrance with no prep at all, I told myself to wait for the result.. 

But the moment I finished my first JNU entrance paper and came outside the godforsaken examination centre I had a smile on my face. I don't even have to bother myself to check the result. It was so obvious, inside my head. 

So I screwed the paper which was supposedly my subject.. but that wasn't the end of the story.. with bubbling enthusiasm I had filled another option because everyone else was doing it, without having any idea about the course details, and a day later I had to pay the price. I'm so glad I didn't apply for three :|

For my second entrance, even before I entered the  hall, I had made up my mind to leave it within an hour and half.. but in my life, expected never happens, that's something I'm getting sure of with each passing day. I'm sure I am not gonna make the list with this paper too .. kinda spent half my time arguing about the awesomeness of 127 Hours while at the same time highlighting the suckiness of the Slumdog Millionaire, the most over-rated movie of all time after Titanic.

Even though these two exams sucked big time, they totally diverted my mind from my first disaster exam.. A week more and some days more and then the wait will be over (: Top 4 on my list?

the last one is World of Warcraft.. few days later I'm gonna be kicking some Orc ass..

P.S. I'm the Epic Loser and so proud of it :P


  1. apart from WoW i am a fan of all the movies you mentioned here..categorise TSM with Titanic??!!blasphemy!!by the way what are you trying out for?i am guessing you are trying for your B.A??

  2. lol @ blasphemy!
    But seriously, it was so overhyped :/ Atleast Titanic had Leonardo Dicaprio..

    oh don't say that, I'm so glad I'm finally completing my Graduation! I was talking about entrance to MA.. (:

  3. titanic is 1 of my all time fav a film also i loved it...slumdog was definitely over-hyped but it wasn't a total dud and i didn't think it was poverty porn as they said..
    i will be trying for my M.A next year..what are you studying?

  4. Even my friends had same opinion about it.. I beg to differ :P As for Slumdog, that isn't Boyle's style.. usually he would have gone one step further and explore the depth, psyche of the characters, with slumdog, he just provided stereotypes on the platter.

    English Literature. What are you studying?(:

  5. definitely a departure from boyle's style but earned him an oscar never the less.
    history hons and film studies as my pass course.
    have you heard of jadavpur university?i study

  6. Ofcourse I have! It's a great University, my favorite Professor studied from there too (: I've heard so much about it!

    I completing my Graduation from Delhi University. Any plans to come to Delhi for Masters?

  7. oh your from DU!!
    i have like a tentative idea right now.DU is there on my list.

  8. Oh if you decide do tell me (:

    Apply for JNU too!

  9. i will defitely let you know..ask you for help also if need some:)



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